What does the acronym “AI” stand for in the context of marketing?

A) Artificial Integration
B) Advanced Insights
C) Artificial Intelligence
D) Automated Interactions

How can AI be used to personalize marketing content?

A) Predicting the weather
B) Analyzing customer data
C) Sending generic messages
D) Ignoring customer behavior

Which of the following is NOT a way AI can improve email marketing?

A) Automated A/B testing
B) Predictive analytics for optimal send times
C) Sending the same email to everyone
D) Personalized email recommendations

Chatbots are an example of AI used in marketing. What is their primary purpose?

A) Sending promotional emails
B) Automating social media posts
C) Engaging with customers in real-time
D) Analyzing website traffic

True or False: AI can analyze social media data to identify trends and sentiments related to a brand or product.

How does AI-powered content generation benefit marketing efforts?

A) It decreases the need for human writers
B) It produces low-quality content
C) It can’t generate original content
D) It increases content relevancy and consistency

Which of the following is a common application of AI in digital advertising?

A) Placing print ads in newspapers
B) Optimizing ad campaigns for maximum ROI
C) Running radio commercials
D) Distributing flyers door-to-door

What is the term for the process of AI systems learning from data and improving their performance over time?

A) Machine stagnation
B) Artificial ignorance
C) Deep learning
D) Algorithmic regression

Which AI technology can help marketers analyze customer behavior on a website?

A) Virtual reality
B) Augmented reality
C) Machine learning
D) Quantum computing

How does AI contribute to lead generation in marketing?

A) By creating fake leads
B) By automating lead qualification and scoring
C) By sending unsolicited emails
D) By randomly selecting leads

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