Website Development Overview


All website development starts with an objective.

What do you want from the website? What functionality should it have? For example, is your website an ecommerce sales platform, or does the site need to sell your professional services? Maybe it’s a training tool, a membership program, or a portfolio.

Answers to these questions set the stage for the website development process.
The answers will determine the supporting software, user interface, design direction, style of communication, and, subsequently, all the content.

Because your website needs to be found, our development process includes a marketing and SEO strategy. First, we start with an audit of your competitor websites. From this audit, we can show you what the competition is doing to get good search engine results placement (SERP). With this information, we chart a course to give our clients a competitive advantage.

Strategy & Design

This is where the fun begins.

We develop a customized strategy based on the goals of your business. First, we review your target market and its needs. Then we pair the services you provide that will solve their problems.

Your website will have straightforward and easy-to-use navigation that lets users quickly find the information they need. Together we will create great content that is engaging, relevant, and useful. This content will use clear and concise language that is easy to understand. Content will be broken up into small, manageable chunks, with headlines that help users quickly scan the page and find the information they need,

Your website will have a consistent layout throughout its pages, with the same fonts, colors, and styles used on every page. Consistency helps users understand how to use the site and quickly find what they need.

Build & Execute

Now that we have a plan in place.

It’s time for us to take your organization or brand from “who you are” to “where you want to be” with a website built for performance.

Mobile-Friendly Design: With the growing number of mobile device users, websites must have a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes. The mobile design includes a mobile-friendly layout, large fonts, and easy-to-use navigation.

Fast Load Times: Websites that load quickly are more likely to keep users engaged and reduce bounce rates. Optimizing images, reducing server requests, and using a content delivery network (CDN) are some ways to improve website speed.

Built To Be Found: Search engine optimized in the on-page content and the technical structure will put your website in front of your—target market.

Manage & Measure

Manage with an off-site marketing strategy.

Once we execute your website marketing and search optimization strategy, we create an internet marketing strategy to generate lasting results.

We explore the off-site marketing channels where your target market hangs out and help you create content that pulls prospects from where they are today, moves them through the buying process, and converts them to closed customers.

There are numerous tools and services available to measure success. The metrics we want to measure will determine the tool choice. Here are four significant metrics to understand how internet marketing impacts your business.
1) Consumption Metrics
2) Sharing Metrics
3) Lead Generation Metrics
4) Sales Metrics

If your company is considering a website design or redesign, remember that the process starts with a strategy that aligns with your company’s goals. Call us now at 954.257.7066 and let us help you evaluate where you are with a benchmark website audit. If you prefer, schedule a day and time using the contact form and we’ll call you.

Imagine, Inc. designed my two websites eight years ago. The concepts and designs are still fresh and on target for my unique psychology practice. We are now redesigning both websites into one site for stronger SEO using advances in technology. I couldn’t be happier with their collaborative style of development.
~ Pamela Morgan

We work with companies to develop a powerful online marketing presence so they can attract the perfect customers.


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