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Are you ready to explore the formula for social marketing success?

Clear Objectives

Start with clear objectives to produce quantifiable results.

Know your Audience

We’ll help you segment audiences and metrics.

Create a Strategy

Create a Strategy (always after goals, not before) then determine the Tactics.

Who Will Execute

Determine who is doing the implementation.

How will you measure your success? These need to be metrics tied to your goals. If your company has a small budget, awareness and engagement can be measured by social shares, website traffic and time on site. If you are using lead generation tactics, your lead nurturing followup can produce qualifiable results and sales.

Once this plan is in place here’s where we can help make it happen.

We audit the entirety of your current content efforts, including:


Buyer personas (which we described on our page about Creating Content) will provide a good guide to where (and how) you should be socially active, what questions to ask and what resources to offer them.

Topics and Themes with Editorial Calendars

A monthly posting calendar reduces stress and keeps your social marketing campaign on track.

Content Creation and Integration

Repurpose your existing marketing materials and create new ones to fill any gaps.

Content Distribution

Evaluate and recommend paid media opportunities.

If this is your first step into social marketing we’ll identify who you want to reach and where and then help you reach your target audience by providing you with tools, insights and content that will boost your profile.

Three things that companies can do to influence a consumer’s perception of their brands on the web?


If it seems like we’ve said these things before, we have. Social is an integral part of internet/inbound marketing and requires the application of the same standards and practices.


Create fantastically useful content.


Listen and respond authentically to social media conversations.


Provide the best user experience possible when someone visits your website.

Advertising Opportunities on Social Platforms

LinkedIn Advertising
Facebook Advertising
TikTok Advertising
Instagram Advertising

LinkedIn is a social media platform geared towards professionals and businesses. It is an excellent option for B2B (business-to-business) marketing. The advertising options on LinkedIn include:

A. Sponsored Content: Promote your organic posts to a targeted audience in their newsfeed. This option allows you to reach professionals based on their job title, company, industry, and other demographic factors.

B. Sponsored InMail: Send personalized messages directly to the LinkedIn inboxes of your target audience. This format helps drive engagement and promote events or offers.

C. Display Ads: These are banner ads on the right side of LinkedIn’s desktop interface. They can help increase brand visibility and generate clicks to your website.

D. LinkedIn Video Ads: Showcase your brand using video content in the newsfeed, capturing the attention of your target audience with engaging visuals.

E. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms: Simplify the lead generation process using pre-filled forms with LinkedIn user data, enabling you to gather valuable prospect information.

of advertising options for businesses of all sizes. Some useful advertising options on Facebook include:

A. Facebook Ads Manager: A comprehensive platform to create and manage various types of ads, such as image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and slideshow ads.

B. Facebook Page Promotion: Boost your organic posts to a targeted audience to increase reach and engagement.

C. Facebook Messenger Ads: Deliver ads directly to users within the Facebook Messenger app, allowing for personalized and interactive conversations.

D. Instagram Ads: As Facebook owns Instagram, you can manage Instagram ads through Facebook Ads Manager, accessing the same ad formats for Instagram Stories, Feed, and Explore.

TikTok is a short-form video platform that has gained immense popularity among younger audiences. As of 2021, TikTok’s advertising options include:

A. In-Feed Ads: These are native ads that appear in users’ For You Page (FYP) feed, blending seamlessly with organic content.

B. Branded Hashtag Challenges: Brands can create and sponsor hashtag challenges to encourage user participation and engagement.

C. Branded Effects: Develop and promote branded augmented reality (AR) effects that users can include in their videos.

Instagram, also owned by Facebook, is a visually focused platform, making it ideal for businesses with visually appealing products or services. The advertising options on Instagram include:

A. Photo Ads: These are single images displayed in users’ feeds, allowing you to creatively showcase your products or services.

B. Video Ads: Similar to photo ads but with video content to capture users’ attention with moving visuals.

C. Carousel Ads: Display multiple images or videos within a single ad, allowing users to swipe through and engage with the content.

D. Stories Ads: Full-screen ads between users’ Instagram Stories, offering an immersive and interactive advertising experience.

Please remember that platforms frequently update and expand their advertising options, so always refer to their official advertising websites for the most up-to-date information on their offerings.

As you might have guessed, Social participation requires time, resources, and expertise. The team at Imagine, Inc. is a resource you can tap into for any marketing support you need. Call us at 954-257-7066 to learn about how we can make your social marketing easier.

Eight years ago, I was frustrated that my website company would not promptly make the site changes I needed. Timely changes are critical for our social media marketing. I found it’s good to complain. I had the ear of our wedding photographer, who is active in the community. She introduced me to a company she was sure could solve our problem, and they did.

The team at Imagine, Inc. built a beautiful website with all the functionality we needed, including membership, donations, reservations, and a beautiful shopping cart. Their ability to work with an extensive management group was especially appreciated.
~ Pat Z.,Director

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