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Why are you considering a website redesign?

Does your website need more than a refresh? There are many good reasons for a website redesign. Rebranding would be a clear reason or moving to a more efficient Content Management System might be another. The foremost consideration should be if the current site is working or not working. The success of a website redesign depends on defining the purpose of the redesign at the beginning.

Website redesign requires a strategy for improvement.

Our Website Redesign Consultation starts with a Free Audit of your website compared to your three top competitors. Once we analyze the audit results, we create an action list that, when executed, boosts your website’s potential to outperform your competition for content and search.

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When you work with us we help you:
  • Analyze why your site doesn’t produce the results you want, starting with a benchmark of your current Website design performance.
  • Define the purpose of the redesign.
  • Create a redesign strategy based on the current needs of your target audience.
  • Repurpose your existing assets using today’s market language.
  • Determine where your target market is hanging out and create a strategy to reach them.
  • Optimize for search.
  • Create an ongoing content strategy.

Strategy for Redesign Improvement

The website redesign process is the same as described on our Website Design page, but website redesign requires a strategy for improvement. These are the steps in our website redesign process.

#1 Benchmark
#2 Set Goals
#3 Analyze
#4 Target Audience
#5 Inventory Aassets
#6 Repurpose Assets
#7 Redesign For Target
#8 Optimize for Search
#9 Call-To-Action Triggers
#10 Content Strategy
#11 Post Design Metrics

We start with a benchmark of your current website design performance, including:

• Number of visits/visitors/unique visitors
• Bounce rate
• Time on site
• Current SEO rankings for important keywords
• Number of new leads/form submissions
• Total amount of sales generated

If your website is not bringing in business we can show you why your site has not produced results and how we can turn it into a lead generating machine.

Download our 10 Steps for Successful Website Redesign.

Set measurable goals using the benchmark as a target. Some objectives might be:

• Increase site traffic by a specific amount by a target date
• Increase time on site
• Reduce the bounce rate
• Increase number of leads
• Improve SEO rankings for specific key phrase

Analyze Your Competition

Remember, your competition is on page one for your valued key phrases, it is not necessarily the guy down the street. Once we audit your competitors’ websites and yours, we create an action list of what areas we can improve and what we can do better than your competitors.

Describe the personas of your target audience.

Understanding your target audience helps you target your content to their needs with solutions to their problems & aspirations. This is  where you start to build “solutions-first” marketing. Download our Buyer’s template to help you better define the personas of your target audience.

Inventory Your Digital Assets

• Most shared or viewed content
• Most trafficked pages
• Best performing keywords you rank for and their associated pages
• Number of inbound links to individual pages

Determine how you can repurpose existing digital assets and what new ones you need to create. Understanding your buyer personas will help here. Target your content to their needs with solutions to their problems & aspirations for “solutions-first” marketing.

Download our Buyer’s template to help you better define the personas of your target audience.

Redesign your site around target audiences.

If you are ‘old school’ your current site is probably ‘corporate jargon’ which is a turn off for today’s audience. Your website is not just about you. Your visitors want to know what’s in it for them. Speak to them in their language with content that has value for them. Our guide for charting buyer personas will help with this process.

Apply our Search Engine Optimization strategies.

Many of our website redesign projects have been sites that were not optimized at all. If your current website was built more than four years ago it most certainly will not reflect today’s algorithms, optimization best practices and current keyword usage. Your current site may even be penalized. To understand algorithm changes over the last three years, read the Google update descriptions on our SEO page.

Create call-to-action triggers on every page.

Each call-to-action will connect visitors to one of the three stages their buyers journey. Visit our Lead Generation page to learn more about

Create an ongoing content strategy.

This strategy is especially important if you are adding Social to your internet marketing mix. Google algorithms reward fresh, original content. A site always benefits from a blog. In the least consider adding more pages on a timely schedule.

The final step is Post Design Metrics.

See how well the redesign performs by using the same measuring tools that we used to create a benchmark.

For additional website redesign considerations visit our blog then return to review our strategy for website redesign.

If your company is considering a website redesign keep in mind you don’t attack all the stages at once. You might do some of them in-house then call us in to refine, design and execute. Call us now at 954.257.7066 and let us help you evaluate where you are with a benchmark website audit. If you prefer we call you, schedule a day and time using the contact form .

House of Hope is a not-for-profit addiction recovery program. We rely on donations to provide free services to men and women in the local community. Our website needed to look as professional and functional as our organization to prove we do what we say. Our former website structure was difficult to navigate and the content did not accomplish what we needed. Our site now has forms to apply for jobs and we are adding an Alumni Forum.
~ Sue Glasscock, CEO

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