Welcome to our redesigned website and blog. We took a hiatus from our blog and are glad we did. So much has changed in two years, especially artificial intelligence availability to consumers. AI is not new. It has been used in manufacturing and online services without a mention for ten years. It has become a buss word since it became available for consumer use. Within a few months of Ghat GPT, digital products, and other services claim they are superior because of their AI component. How can these companies integrate AI into their technology in two or three months?

For us, AI is a powerful search tool. There is very little new in the world. Everything is based on elements that already exist. Evan Picasso snatched success formulas from other painters. AI is a tool that can give you a competitive head start, or you can produce sludge. Intelligence and sound judgment are vital to any success using AI. Our article about content crap explores content choices.

True to our convictions, we have redesigned our website and our blog. We have shortened the text and simplified the layout in keeping with shorter attention spans. These changes make the blog content all the more critical. Blog articles are a powerful source of optimization and an opportunity to expand your expertise. Visit our Blog Marketing page to read many more benefits and compare the design of our previous blog.

Here are just a few of our updated evergreen articles. Please return soon for many more, and let us know what topics would interest you. A quick email works.


From Doubt to Delight: AI for Creatives

2023 was the year of AI. Although AI has been in use for over a decade, services that use AI didn’t brag about its use. As AI became available to the public, AI became the newest buzzword, with...


Quiz: Understanding AI in Marketing

What does the acronym "AI" stand for in the context of marketing? A) Artificial Integration B) Advanced Insights C) Artificial Intelligence D) Automated Interactions How can AI be used to...

Interner Marketing

Strategy vs. Tactics

A strategy is a systematic plan of action to achieve the desired result. It is the way you approach a long-term goal. In comparison, a tactic is how you carry out the small steps. Your Strategy...

This video is our previous blog. After a publishing hiatus, we have repurposed the valuable evergreen content. Keeping current is especially difficult for topics like services and tools, so we will limit these topics. Content credibility should be part of every blog marketing strategy. Let us know what topics you would like to read.

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