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What is search engine optimization?

Simply put, it is a process for preparing a website to be recognized by search engines as having the most relevant answers to specific search queries (people use keyword phrases in their search). The job of search engines is to provide the best information to people. Your information has to pass through robots (or spiders) who scan it using a complex formula of computer-based rules to determine what your page is about. Our job is to make things easy for the robots to meet their ‘good content’ criteria that will give your website a better search placement then your competition.

What are Algorithms?

The real truth about SEO is no one knows for sure what works because search engines won’t reveal their algorithms. Google alone uses more than 118 different calculations that affect a Web site’s position in the search engine results. And on top of that, the algorithm formulas continually change. Our SEO professionals keep abreast of this ever-changing landscape and track results to achieve good positioning for our clients.

Why do you need search engine optimization?

SEO has evolved from simply getting found, to improving how users engage with your content. The talented Search Engine Optimization experts at Imagine, Inc. know how to optimize for search engine results placement while keeping user experience first and foremost. When they click through your listing to your Website we keep them there with the quality and relevancy of your content. SEO is the first element of our strategy to build your companies web presence from Website development through an internet marketing campaign that will reach your target audience and generate leads.

Top 10 Search Optimization Factors

With over 100 Google factors influencing a website search placement, it’s smart to focus on the most critical first then move on to other factors. As you will see, all of Google’s success factors serve to improve the quality of results returned in search. Giving people the best information for their inquiry is Google’s purpose, and it should be yours.

Here are the ten most important Search Optimization success factors. Let us put you on the path to search success. Our Free Competitor Search Results Audit will show you how to turn visitors into customers. Call or text us at 954-257-7066. If you want us to call you complete the contact form with a date and time.


SEO factor 1

Content That Targets User Queries

Being found is the heart of SEO. Yes, it starts with keywords, but unless you know how to choose & use the ones you can compete with you are wasting your time. SEO allows you to deliver precisely the content a prospect is searching for, at precisely the moment they search for it.


SEO factor 6

Build Authority & Trust

Does your website represent Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT)? That’s what users and Google wants. We help companies produce trustworthy original content and create a marketing strategy that will build a positive reputation online.


SEO factor 2

Crawability & Accessibility

Search engines “crawl” your pages to determine what your website is about. Our website audits reveal technical crawling and accessibility issues, which can be both the biggest SEO challenge and biggest opportunity. Our website audits are used to improve accessibility and create a competitive advantage.


SEO factor 7

Create Fresh Content

We like to call blog posts “spider bait.” They are the easiest way to demonstrate expertise while adding fresh content. Search engines respond to new content by indexing the site. The more a site is indexed the closer it will get to a higher search results position. Any web platform can quickly become irrelevant if they’re rarely updated.


SEO factor 3

Quality Links

Links from external sites are like votes. These links prove trust and relevancy, as long as the links are from quality sites that are relevant to your business. Internal linking is part of site architecture that contributes to ease of navigation for people as well as search indexing.


SEO factor 8

Click-through Rate

Google presents its results to get clicked. When a page doesn’t produce clicks, it gets demoted. Improving your CTR will create more traffic and more potential opportunities for engagement. As an SEO, we know we can raise CTR with well-crafted title tags, meta descriptions, structured data markup, and great original copy.


SEO factor 4

Satisfy User Intent

It’s not enough to create targeted content with keywords and phrases. You need to prove to Google that your content provides the user with the most satisfying answer they want to find. With the best search results and search experience, visitors will have no excuse to hit the back button.


SEO factor 9

Site Speed

Google has confirmed speed is a ranking factor. Slow-loading pages bring the wrath of both users and search engines. Speed is especially critical on mobile. Fortunately, we have tools that can audit speed performance. These audits will score your page and provide actionable steps for improvement.


SEO factor 5

Creat Unique/Original Content

The uniqueness of content might mean great design & graphics to people – but the only thing search engines can understand are words. However, to the search engine, uniqueness means Original. They recognize when content is plagiarized and will penalize sites that use text taken from another website.


SEO factor 10

Mobile First – Build for Multiple Devices

What is the screen size of the device you are reading this on? If it’s a desktop, tablet, or phone, and everything is formatted properly
you should be able to read it with ease. Currently Google uses Mobile First Indexing to ranks pages based on your mobile site. Websites built before 2012 generally are not optimized for mobile.

Does your website come up in a search for your product? Does your site appear in search results but nowhere near page one? In either case, our free competitor audit will show you what you can do to beat them. Call or text us at 954-257-7066. If you prefer, schedule a day and time using the contact form and we’ll call you.

Imagine, Inc has kept me on Google page one for over ten years. During that time, my work has evolved with architectural taste and the needs of my target market. I had Bonnie build my third website redesign to stay ahead of change. My growing business is a result of my website search results placement. I don’t advertise. My website is my only marketing. Results show that Bonnie and her team know what they’re doing with the latest search and design technology.
~ Bruce Celenski

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