Before & After Website Redesign

We don’t suggest website redesign lightly. It’s a big commitment, and there must be sound reasons to redesign. The new popular color is not a reason for the redesign. Reasons to redesign help define the purpose to redesign. A list of reasons is on our website redesign page.

Reason #1 is most important — Is the site not working?
The meaning of “working” is broad. We naturally think it’s all about sales, but that is not the purpose of some websites. There are sites just for membership information. Some companies don’t need to optimize for search, but website usability is paramount.

Here are four case studies about websites that we redesigned.

House Of Hope

House of Hope is a not-for-profit addiction recovery program. They rely on donations to provide free services to men and women in the local community. Their website needed to look as professional and functional as their organization to prove they do what they say with the results they claim. Our favorite expression is — if your website looks like a dinosaur, your services must be too. The existing House of Hope website content and structure spoke dinosaur.

Visit this website.

The first obvious problem was three different menus on the home page. Visitors, including us, got lost. When visitors can’t find solutions to their problems quickly, they leave and check out other sites. In addition to upgrading the navigation, we suggested the images should reflect positive outcomes and the broader community suffering from addiction. We are currently building an alum forum for post-recovery support.

Prime Time Cooling

Prime Time Cooling is a family-owned HVAC company. Like many of our clients, they didn’t understand the jargon of SEO and website development but trusted our reputation. Because our work helps companies grow their business, we work to demystify the process and make it a collaboration.

Their existing website was one page with menu links to sections of the page. The content was minimal, with limited information and almost no optimization.

The benefits of our redesign include

  • Lots of viewer engagement
  • Ten calls to Action, including phone numbers & buttons with popups & contact forms
  • Rollovers create viewer engagement and help visitors find what they need faster and
  • Live google reviews on every page
  • Click-to-call on mobile

The power of our optimization is represented on the new repair page. The previous site had two short paragraphs about AC repair that amounted to 80 words. My repair page has almost 4,000 words which amounts to over 400% increase in optimization, helpful information, and visitor engagement. Everything Google & visitors love.

Visit this website.


Concurrent Real-Time is a company that creates simulation software for the aerospace & auto industry. Their Marketing Director called us in to edit the website. Having three different engineers work on the site resulted in a maze of construction. On top of that, as software engineers, they needed to be marketing creatives. There needed to be a design or marketing strategy behind the build. With thirty years of website design software evolution, even we could not find our way around. A website rebuild was required.

We reorganized and redesigned 110 pages, then created documentation so anyone could work on the site. Website construction documentation is critical for companies that want to update and make changes. As you will see in the video, even something as mundane as a sales support contact list can be engaging.


Central American Produce rebranded as CAPCO Farms. We contributed to their marketing for over twelve years, including logo development, trade show display design, packaging design, and two website design/builds. The “before” shown in our video was our design, for which we still take pride.

If your company is exploring a website redesign, the case studies on this page represent just a few of our solutions. Because every business is different, our website redesign solutions are as unique as their problems. Let’s explore your solutions today. A text or call to 954-527-7066 will start the process. Use the contact form to schedule a meeting.

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