Need it be said? December is the time of year for remembering and reflection. My end-of-the-year post probably reads like so many others, but then I can’t escape the meanings of the moment. So, without going into detail, here is some fun around the ‘Re’ meanings. I expect you will have more.

Toward renewal or rebirth, we review, rebrand, rebuild, repurpose, and refresh. Why? To achieve results that will bring greater rewards.

Then, this being the year of AI, there is regurgitation. If I had used AI, this post might have been better. AI is an excellent research tool, but even AI results require refinement. With that, I’ll stop because much else will be redundant.

Now that I’ve cleansed my creativity with that end-of-year iteration, I can move on to the New Year.

Cleansing is often needed to move on. My cleansing was easy and fun, but holiday celebrations can leave a negative residue for some. Do you need a solution for handling post-holiday guest residual energy? To learn about cleansing solutions for holidays, home, and office, start with this post.

I wish you all remarkable health and happiness in 2024 and beyond.




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