At a loss for words? Need a new twist to repurpose your existing blog content?

Staring at a blank screen is a writer and marketer nightmare. But as marketers, we know the value of a blog, and our content needs to keep flowing.

• Blogs are an opportunity to expand on your solutions and your expertise.
• Blogs build trust, which makes them great for building an audience.
• Blogs are search engine bait, which makes them great for SEO.

Knowing many formulas to repurpose your stories will keep your content fresh and readers interested. Just as there are many ways to repurpose content using video or graphics, there are even more ways to add a new perspective to the same material. Need a refresher about repurposing old marketing assets?

Download my blog post ideas ebook with 54 instant post writing formulas. Here are the eight categories of writing recipes.

Useful blog post ideas will establish you and your business as the authority in your niche while endearing you to your audience. Useful formulas include:
• How-To-Post
• Case-Study Post
• Problem/Solution Post


Now, these can be tricky, and some require lots of brain juice.
Some controversial formulas include:
• What If Post
• Debate Post
• Prediction Post

Creating entertaining content can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a natural sense of humor. But it can be a fun blog post if you can make it work. Some entertaining formulas include:
• Satire Post
• Cartoon Post
• Parody Post

Staying timely in some niches takes a commitment. But if you can find the discipline, timely information is one of the most effective types of blog content you can create. Some “timely” formulas include:
• Survey Post
• Trend Post
• Issue Post

Creating engagement should be part of every content formula. An attentive audience is an engaged audience on your blog.
Engagement post formulas include:
• Question Post
• Challenge Post
• Contest Post

Generally, promotional content should only appear in one out of four or more posts. Today’s audience doesn’t want to read sales pitches. But, some useful promotional formulas include:
• Comparison Post
• Project Showcase Post
• Company Update Post

Share other talented content and people. Reviews demonstrate your self-confidence and your interest in helping prospects broaden their perspective. “Generous” formulas include:
• Interview Post
• Link Roundup Post
• Profile Post

Let your visitors get to know more about you. The “Be human” formulas include:
• Behind the Scenes Post
• Off-Topic Post
• Inspirational Post


Download your free Blog Post Idea Formulas Ebook.

If you or your company are considering adding a Blog to your marketing mix, I can help make it easy. I create blogs & blog marketing strategies. I also manage and publish blogs or teach people how to do it. Let’s talk now or send me a text message with a time I can reach you. 954-257-7066

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