Our job as marketers is to first get attention, then communicate solutions and finally convince through trust. Our message is always competing for attention in the wired-world. Video, more than any other visual form can engage and communicate when done right. The qualifying statement "when done right" is always a factor in marketing success and means execution backed by definable goals, strategy and tactics:

1) Start with knowing your target market. Yes that is the start of all content creation and that exercise is often brushed aside. Even worse companies sometimes believe everyone is their market.
2) Have solutions for prospects problems, concerns and aspirations
3) Know where your target customers hang out. This will determine distribution as well as communication style.
4) Choose a video execution style that is right for your product/service as well as the platform it will be viewed on.

Video Execution Styles

Two formats are prevalent, videos using real people and videos using cartoons. A drawback of videos with people is the viewer might miss the message if they get caught up in judging their appearance and presentation style. People videos work as product demonstrations, tutorials like how to change the oil in your car. The benefits of cartoon animations are:

    Animations are not intimidating
    There is a comfort zone viewing an animation
    We can create associations
    They let you use the power of metaphors
    They are not boring
    It passes on the message very effectively
    They can be wings to imagination
    Clearly, the subject matter will probably guide your choice. Other video type delivery include:
    • Animated Gifs
    • Slideshows

Use videos to:

  • Promote brand awareness, services, and products
  • Educate your audience about your product
  • Explainer Videos like "how to"
  • Product demonstrations

Video Creation
This is just an overview. Our blog posts will go into detail. Just consider if you are adding to the sound bites of Social or if you are producing a worthwhile, useful piece of content. There is a place for both (maybe). Imagine, Inc. marketing prioritizes value above all and helps companies create videos their customers want and need. We can guide you through the production process or handle the whole process for you.

  • Pre-production
    • What is your story, purpose
    • Scripting
  • Production — filming or animation
  • Post-production — edit, voice over, etc.

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