Hosting platforms are where videos should be placed for distribution. Once the video is on a hosting platform, it can be streamed into appropriate channels. If a video is placed directly (embedded) in a Website the bandwidth size would be a burden and slow the site down.

Most of the video hosting platforms can provide a detailed analysis of your video library and offer engagement graphs. Here is a short overview of some of the current hoisting platforms.

A) YouTube
There are many pros for using YouTube as your video hosting platform. However, a big advantage is the price — FREE! YouTube SEO is built in so your content can be found in searches. As part of the Google family, YouTube videos are favored in searches.

Some YouTube disadvantages might make marketers shift to paid platforms for business videos. These are a few YouTube hosring negatives:

  • Competitors content or even ads might display near yours
  • Public content is not easily policed or controlled
  • Poor to no customer service or support
  • YouTube comments are rarely moderated which can detract from your content

Here are seven other business video hosting platforms to consider. Their monthly fees range from $5 to $499 and more.

1) Vimeo
After YouTube, Vimeo is one of the most recognizable names. A Vimeo Pro account is $199 a year. A Vimeo account allows uploads up to 20GB per week. A Vimeo Pro account is $199 a year making it an economical choice.

2) Sprout Video
Sprout is uniquely suited to business video hosting because the platform helps you integrate your video content with your marketing strategy. Sprout features offer a call to action functions, email collection forms, curated playlists, and they track user response through heat maps. Cost: $25-$400 a month.

3) Vidyard
Vidyard’s strength is the real-time analytics can be channeled into your HubSpot and other records. This feature makes Vidyard a great alternative for YouTube. Among Vidyard’s many features are:
full customization, security options, playlists, pop-out call to actions, and more. Pricing: Vidyard offers subscription pricing based on the features you choose.

4) Viddler
Viddler is a cloud-based tool that lets customers upload, enhance and share embedded videos using their web browser. Viddler offers application tools to deliver engaging content to targeted audiences. Unique to Viddler is the ability to create a private online community. Pricing: Free for noncommercial,the $50 - $100 and custom.

5) Vzaar
Another good alternatives to YouTube. Vzaar offers a great set of features including control over hosting, uploading, and encoding. A plus for Vzaar is it’s one of the most simple and flexible of all video hosting platforms. Pricing starts at $25 a month to $400 a month depending on the features you need.

6) Brightcove
Like all the paid video hosting services you can take a free trial. Brightcove offers total control of your program schedule and easy sharing on social media platforms. Unique to Brightcove is the ability to build and launch your Internet TV Station, stream live events and upload lengthier videos. Pricing: $99-$499 per month.

7) Wistia
Wistia is feature rich for marketers including summaries of your entire video library performance. This video hosting platform also offers features like social sharing buttons, clickable call-to-actions, and set-ups for triggered campaigns. Wistia cost: $25 - $100 or more a month depending on the trafic your videos generate.

By the end of 2016 there will probably be many more video hosting options to choose from.

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