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These are some of the considerations that guide our website design and website redesign.

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responsive design mergedAnyone can build a Website so why use professionals like us?

The short answer is — because we are marketers who happen to know how to design a website that can  generates leads and look great on top of that. Website design is not just esthetics; it is a science. Usability studies have determined the most effective elements and their placement. At one time, the phrase web architecture was coined to describe that specific design discipline.

Here are just some of the many considerations for website design and usability.

1) Where do your eyes go first?
You have 2 seconds to hook the visitor. Make sure the first thing they see is something interesting enough to keep their attention.

2) Do you know your audience and their needs?
If you can't prove you understand their problems and provide solutions, they will leave to find a company that will.

3) Can they easily find the benefits of the product or service?
A visitor wants to learn as much as possible — fast.

4) Do you know right away what this website is about?
Again, you have limited time to get your message across. If there are too many distractions, a site visitor may not ever know what you are selling.

5) Is the important information “above the fold?”
Most site visitors want to know the details without doing a lot of work. If they have to scroll down to find the main idea, they will likely leave earlier than you’d like.

See the criteria that guide our website design.


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