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Packaging is more than just a pretty box. It’s your product’s way of saying, “pick me, pick me!” Studies show a product has 20 seconds to grab a consumer’s attention. Then, it has to communicate features, benefits, contents and more. That’s a pretty tall order for a simple container! So, what works? Color. Faithfulness to the brand’s image. Playfulness. And sometimes a little bit of mystery. See how we ensured these clients’ products had their 20 seconds of fame.

Testing Package Designs Online

Marketers can shave weeks off the time-to-market package design schedule using online research tools. Traditional focus groups provide qualitative feedback to package design concepts. However, these can’t match the quantitative analysis of large, hand-picked audiences of consumers accessible to Web-based research firms.

Online research tools can build upon the preliminary findings of focus groups or even make it possible to dispense with them altogether considering their sometimes inconclusive results. One problem with focus groups is that they oblige participants to pick “a clear winner and a clear loser” in side-by-side comparisons where none of the specimens may be especially strong. The benefit of quantitative online responses is they can accurately pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of many design concepts. This evaluation can help creatives weed out dead-end design elements and validate concepts that might otherwise have been deemed too risky to pursue.

Though online methods differ procedurally, their goal is to streamline and quantify design review in a way that lets only measurably valid concepts emerge as candidates for further development. Audiences for the online reviews are tailored as needed and can be as large as the project requires.

One method exposes participants to one package image at a time, erasing each picture after about 10 seconds. Ten seconds is roughly the same amount of time a package on a store shelf has to attract the attention of a shopper. Then while the images are fresh in their minds, participants are given a series of questions that measure their responses to the packages. By relying on recall after this brief exposure, it is believed the responses are the most meaningful to the critique of the design. The size of testing groups may be as many as 1,000 participants to review each design.

Cost for online research varies widely from $6,000 to more than $90,000. No new package design, or redesigned package should go to market without the scrutiny of consumer research.

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