Print collateral still has a place in 21st century marketing. But remember, statistics show that 93 percent of communication is nonverbal and people process visuals 60,000 times faster then text. So, wherever possible use imagery like an infographic to make information quickly understandable and engaging.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re selling appliances, computers, leisure travel or trim tabs, the law of attraction applies. If it doesn’t attract attention, it doesn’t apply! What these pieces have in common are dynamic graphics, vibrant colors and clear copy points. They draw you in and invite you to learn more. To ensure your collateral doesn’t wind up in the circular file, turn us loose on your next marketing project.

marketing creative conceptsRefresh Your Message with Images

Traditional and digital illustration can solve a number of visual problems for companies in service industries like finance, insurance or leasing where the photo repertoire is usually confined to people in meetings. Imagery is refreshing in instances where photos have become cliche and lose their ability to attract the reader. This is especially evident in the use of a royalty-free image seen too many times. Although the quality of royalty-free images has improved over the last few years they are usually recognizable as research photos that don’t quite fit the marketing story.

Our visual concepts and imagery are careful orchestrations of typography, photography, illustration — whatever elements we deem appropriate to convey our client’s image and marketing message. This conceptual approach may be simple and straightforward or complex and erudite. In any case, the goal is to create a particular impression in the mind of the reader — an impression unique to the story and the client.

The use of computer-generated illustration allows us to show things symbolically while opening greater opportunity for innovative design. CGIs can depict real situations that say volumes more that a photograph could. The images we create are unique, stimulating and visually informative. They are effective marketing communications tools.

marketing creative GDSome might suggest computer-generated illustrations have contributed to the extinction of the “painted and drawn” illustration. How can anyone be surprised that art directors/designers are producing their own digital illustrations when for years they also have been setting their own type, making their own color separations and delivering entire projects to the printer in digital form. However if we look around (even the pre-digital realm), it is obvious that not all illustration is indebted to drawing. Other illustration techniques include collage, photography, embossing, die cutting, rubber stamping, and whatever else the artist can get onto paper or canvas. No single approach is inherently more exalted than another.

Whatever the medium, as marketers our images need to captivate the audience and communicate the marketing message.

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