At Imagine, Inc., we believe companies need to send consistent messages—and live up to their promises—when creating a brand image. That’s why we develop marketing strategies that emphasize their strengths and what sets them apart from the competition.

Then, we engage every element available from photography and graphics to copy and Web design to match the message. Continuity in all marketing materials—across all mediums—is essential to reinforce the brand.

The first tier of the ad campaign, which debuted in 1998, highlighted the breadth of the Firm’s experience and capabilities. Building on that foundation, the second emphasized the talent of the Firm’s individuals and various practice groups. The latest ads underscore the business-partner aspect of the attorney-client relationship and how the Firm’s people really make a difference.

Original photography and strong visuals depicting the Firm’s ties to Florida and the global community, to-the-point copy and uniform layouts make Becker & Poliakoff ads instantly recognizable.

Becker & Polikoff’s corporate brochure repeats the design elements of the ad campaigns, incorporating a high level of continuity throughout the Firm’s marketing pieces.

Packaging isn’t just important for products on a shelf. It sets the stage for what’s to come. That’s why we designed a legal-looking, clasped portfolio with pockets for contracts and other communications to help Becker & Polikoff make the case to prospective clients.

The creative team at Imagine, Inc. has worked with a number of law firms with specialties like Immigration Law, Bankruptcy Law, Business Litigation and Trust Law. We are familiar with the Florida Bar constraints and know how to work with them. Visit our Web Development Portfolio to see the sites we've created for law firms. Call us at 954.267.7066 and see how we can reach your target market with information relevant to them.



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