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What Is Lead Generation?

 Internet marketing lead generation is a way of warming up prospects to your business by offering them useful content and problem-solving resources. When a prospect becomes naturally interested in your company, you can create a path to eventual buying.

Traditionally a lead might be a qualified referral or someone you pitched at a trade show. On a larger scale, there are specialized services that create lead lists by mining telephone or internet directories.

Imagine, Inc. can turn your website into a lead generating machine. Yes, your website can work for you and Imagine, Inc. has the tactics in place to make that happen. Our process builds your e-mail list of warm prospects who look forward to your content. Email is one of the most powerful tools for lead nurturing.

If you read our page about content marketing, you have a good idea about the elements of our lead generation process.

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1) Offer Great Content
The key to all internet marketing starts with content creation. When you create targeted content that answers your prospects questions or solve their problems, it produces multiple results.

a) Great content positions your company as an authority
b) Fun or useful content is highly sharable in a public arena
c) Targeted content is a magnet for lead generation

2) Distribution in different social platforms is necessary to inform prospects where they will find your valuable resources. Our page about social marketing will help you determine where your prospects hang out and where you need to participate.

3) Your website is a platform for the lead generation process. The purpose of your Social activity is to drive prospects to your website so your content on social will be crafted to accomplish that. Every page on your site should have a clear call to action (usually in the form of a download button) for each offer that addresses a stage of the buying cycle.

We suspect many of you have participated in a similar process. The infographic in the left column describes the following steps:

1) When a Web visitor clicks the button, they are taken to a landing page that shows a graphic of the resource and a brief description of it’s benefits. The resource has to have enough value for the visitor to give their contact information which is needed to receive the offer.

2) Contact information is automatically added to your email list in your email hosting account.

3) Now you have a lead that you can nurture with an email marketing campaign.

The team at Imagine, Inc. can guide you through each stage of your internet marketing strategy, or we can implement part of it for you, or implement all of it. Let’s get to know each other and see what works for your business. Call us today at 954.257.7066.

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