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What is Content Marketing?

content marketing processAt first you might think it is just another name that marketers like to invent. But, a closer look shows the importance of content just might warrant this new name.

Content is central to the success of your internet marketing strategy. It is the written word as well as imagery. Content is what generates awareness, creates interest, and helps buyers make a purchase decision. Content is the text on a website page; in social media conversations and blog posts and all the useful, lead-generating-resources we offer our visitors to download.

Content Marketing is a path-to-purchase. It is the creation and distribution of materials that pull prospects through the buying cycle. To this end you have to offer valuable content resources that will appeal to each stage. We go into detail in our section about Lead Generation so I will briefly address the buying cycles here.

All content has to pass the criteria:
    • Useful, informative and/or problem solving
    • Engaging and original
    • Optimized
If your content passes the first two it will be sharable and extend your reach. If your content is interesting, useful and subtly encourages a purchase, you scored.

Learn how to create the right content for your audience.



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