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The importance of a company website has changed from being a part of marketing initiatives to being the core of marketing. Technology has changed the way people communicate and the way they purchase. Today prospects have made 90% of their buying decision before talking to a salesperson. People use the internet to research the products and services they are considering for purchase. They trust reviews and the opinions of their contacts more than an advertising sales pitch. This buyer behavior has changed the way we do business and the way we market our business. Throughout this site, we will tie together the elements of Internet Marketing so you can evaluate each and choose what fits your marketing plan.

Drive Traffic To Your Website
Although your website is the core of your internet marketing, other online marketing initiatives are required to drive traffic to it. These initiatives encompass effective marketing methods and social channels for attracting business online including Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. At Imagine, Inc., we work with each client to create the most effective internet marketing strategy to reach their target audience. Then we create a blueprint for execution.

Effective execution first requires producing quality content designed to resonate with your customer's interests and solutions to their problems. This content positions you as an authority and problem solver. We call this content marketing, and it just might be the most important element in the marketing mix because customers want it.

Your content should be published in the social channels where your target audience hangs out. Now we are executing the Social Marketing part of the strategy. Social media has become increasingly important because it attracts search engine attention making it a factor in your search engine results placement (SERP).

Email marketing and blogging are also part of the internet marketing equation. Of course, all of this will be for naught without lead generation. Just take one piece at a time, and you will see how it all fits together. Together we will determine which elements of internet marketing will work most effectively for your company and your target market.

If you are ready to build your internet marketing campaign, the team at Imagine, Inc. can get you on-track and on-target quickly.  Call us at 954.257.7066 to get started now.

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