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In today’s egocentric world (think MySpace), personalizing your direct mail is a sure-fire way to stand out. As these examples show, we’re experts at designing for Variable Data Printing—a 1:1 approach that elicits high responses. Combine VDP with PURL (Personalized URL) database software, which enables you to capture more client information, and you have an impressive one-two punch. Then, knock out the competition by offering a chance to receive something FREE.

Variable Data Printing is a form of digital printing that produces customized printed documents targeted to your individual prospects.  Although only one document is designed, text and graphics within the document can be changed to produce unlimited unique messages and truly personalized direct mail. Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a solution that gives your print communications more impact and increases response.

By using VDP we create a personalized direct mail piece that is directed to your specific audience and customized to the individual. The look and content of your printed materials will communicate 1:1 with your individual prospects. Variable data printing is a great tool for conducting marketing campaigns and any time you want to appeal to individuals or well-focused groups. We create personalized direct mail by merging data from your database into any document design.

VDP is not just On Demand Printing. Variable Data Printing allows you to customize every brochure, card, or letter with a specific message! A customized message gets attention and you get higher response rates. According to research by the USPS, 1to1 direct mail increases response rates from 1-5% (which is thought to be a successful response) to well over 20-30%. Copy and images can be tailored according to each prospect's demographics, purchasing pattern, or any other individual data you may have. Or you could include the name and photo of the appropriate sales representative or branch office of your company.

Each piece will look as if it was printed specifically for one person...BECAUSE IT WAS!

VDP is more than just a "Mail Merge" application. The most complex form of customization that consists entirely of variable text and images, with variable lengths and sizes is possible with Variable Data Printing. The bottom line is the more focused and attentive you are to the interests of the reader, the more likely it is that your documents will be read, remembered and acted upon.

In addition to customization, VDP is also On Demand Digital Printing so there is no preparation time and no inventory to carry. In contrast to traditional offset printing, VDP allows you to pay for only the exact number of desired copies. Every reader can receive a targeted message!

Imagine, Inc. works with the very best Variable Data Printing company in South Florida, Ritters Communications. They are always on the ground floor of emerging technologies. Call them at 954- 771-7204 to learn what they can do for you. Then call us at 954-257-7066 for your direct mail concept and design.

An excellent research resource is www.delivermagazine.com/
This is produced by the United States Postal Service and offers a bi-monthly hard copy magazine when signing up. Of special use is their “Case Studies” features stories and industry analyses designed to inform and empower their users. “This section examines the issues that matter most and provides the fresh perspectives sorely lacking in today’s industry.” Additionally their “Columns” showcases opinion pieces from the Delivermagazine.com staff and marketing industry leaders. Each week, this section crackles with cutting-edge ideas and insights from some of the brightest minds in the business.

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