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As you probably know, titles need to get the readers attention if there is any chance they will read the next paragraph. But that title means something to me. The complete title is actually ”Why am I here? Why are you here?” But that took too much space in the menu. One of my reasons for being here is described in my post ”Is blogging just plain nuts?”. Your reason for being here probably is not the same as mine, but If the purpose of your visit includes finding solutions for internet marketing execution, then you’ve come to the right place.

Yes, I’m here because blogging is good marketing, but I don’t want to be just another sound bite. The perspective you will find here is a result of many years of real world marketing for a broad range of clients (and still going strong). I want to share what I’ve found to be effective marketing solutions. The question — is this blog for you? My goal is to help you by providing information and inspiration to keep your work growing and producing results.

Here is what this blog offers:

  • Critical research about sources for images and photos. I am constantly looking for better visual material at low to no cost.
  • Tools for writing and tools for imagery. Most I’ve tried or use and those I haven’t will include critique by my trusted authorities.
  • Services for marketing automation and post scheduling automation. The market is deluged with these services with differing cost and features. I’ll help you cut through the clutter to choose what fits your company needs and budget.
  • And finally, reminders of best practices for all internet marketing.

No matter what our career has been for decades or days, the bottom line is we are all publishers, designers, and marketers to whatever degree we now find ourselves.

Whether it is a marketing campaign, a website or a blog the first thing you need to ask is who is your target market. What are your prospective customer’s needs or problems and then what solutions can you offer them?

My Target Personas are:

  • Marketing & Creative Solopreneurs
  • Companies with 1 or 2 marketing staff
  • Companies with no marketing staff

Imagine, Inc. is here for:

  • Brands-turned-publishers
  • Creative freelancers
  • And IPs (Independent Professional)

If you aren’t on that list, welcome, you may find some useful information.

Although we have created and managed blogs for years, this is “ours” which is the toughest to get off the ground. Like some creatives, we fell victim to the impediments to personal and professional progress. The first obstruction being perfection. Perfection impedes progress so I decided to give myself a little kick in the butt and just put it out there. The word “finished” just isn’t real. Everything we do would benefit with refinement, and in some cases, a makeover may be needed. So, if you are visiting my blog now, you will see it lacks in imagery. That’s because I needed to get the text in quickly to lay it out.

Along with perfection and procrastination, I just had to add another obstacle to going live — the learning curve required to work with a new WordPress template structure. If you have been building PHP websites or blogs for a while (as we have) you tend to choose favorite template developers. My choice for WordPress is Elegant Themes. Their new Extra template with the Diva plugin is a designers dream, but the structure is very different than regular WP templates. And, like any new tool you need to learn how to use it before you can create great things.

Because I want only to create great things, I determined it would take a long time to go live. A year or more of procrastination is enough. The time is now.

So that is my excuse for the current lack of imagery. My imagery is in the works, and I’ll pop it in soon. Every post should have support images within it. Not just a pretty picture, but a useful image to help you understand information. Remember people process images 60,000 times faster than text.

Is this blog for you? Will it help you by providing information and inspiration to keep your work growing and producing results?

Now that you found our blog, come back soon because this is just the beginning.

While you are here, check out one of our newer blogs.


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