We hope our tool tips won’t encourage the shiny object syndrome. We like to think that some of our reviews might save you time making choices and others could improve your marketing.

As the title says, this is part two of a series. We created a handy ebook reference of all twenty tools & tips to date. Download our ebook and share it with a friend.

#11: Encourage Visitors to Share Your Images
Your images can be shared on Pinterest with the JQuery Pin It Button for Images. When a visitor hovers over your image, it will be highlighted with Pinterest button automatically appearing. Another way to extend your reach and with no work on your part. The plugin is actively updated and has more than 30,000 installations.

#12: Implement DiggDigg for Sharing
This free social sharing WordPress plugin displays a vertical or horizontal sharing bar with your blog post. Social sharing is a free distribution that extends your reach. DiddDigg makes it easy for visitors to share your content.

#13: Engage Clients and Visitors with vCita
vCita is primarily a business management tool for small business service providers. It includes a CRM solution along with billing and invoicing capabilities. We’re especially impressed with the online scheduling form that pops up after a set time. Use the form on a blog or your website to encourage visitors to book time with you or register for classes and events. Start for free to see if vCita will benefit your business.

#14: Link Your Blog Posts Internally
Internal linking may not have the value of incoming links from other websites, but it will still benefit your search results placement. Better yet, a link to relevant information displays authority. Additionally, it pays to link to information on your website and vice versa.

#15: Add Image Enhancements and Text to Photos With PicMonkey
When sharing photos on social channels, the addition of text to a picture can be an attention grabber when it appears within their news feed on Facebook, Pinterest or other social sites. PicMonkey is an inexpensive, simple alternative to Photoshop for cropping, resizing, sharpening. It’s free if you don’t mind advertising.)

#16: Recycle Evergreen Posts Using SocialOomph
If you aren’t familiar with the term “evergreen,” it is content that is useful over time, weeks, months and years. SocialOomph offers automation for Twitter profiles similar to HootSuite but additionally allows you to set up auto-follows, auto-direct messages, and auto-responders. SocialOomph works with Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs to schedule updates, search for people to follow, and monitor social media activity!

#17: Create Influencer Outreach Campaigns
Find influencers from any niche in seconds from a database of over 25 million websites using ninjaoutreach. Then use their all-in-one-place for automated email campaigns and automated email follow-ups. Manage and track contacts with their built-in CRM tool including customised email tracking analytics.

#18: Create Post Titles with Tweak Your Biz Title Generator
A great title can make the difference between a post being read or passed over. Experts suggest writing at least ten post titles before choosing one to use. Just enter your keyword, and note if the usage is a noun or verb. As with most title generation tools, Tweak Your Biz Title will display many of possible titles the keywords you entered.

#19: Create and Edit Videos on Your Mobile Device With SocialCam
Create user generated content with SocialCam for android and similar products for iPhone. Take videos with an iPhone or Android and edit them with these apps. You shoot and edit your video on the phone. Editing capability includes changing the background, adding background music and text addition.

#20: Create Interactive Lists with List.ly
List.ly changes a regular static blog post into an interactive one by allowing visitors to add items to the list. Visitors can then comment and vote on the list items.

Download all 20 Tools & Tips

Here is a quick reference ebook for all 20 tools & tips. Please share it with colleagues and friends.

Currently there are over 3,000 tools and services available online with more added every day. The group presented here has some good keepers.

Occasionally a site goes off the grid between the time we research and publish. Such is the case with inkybee, #7 in our first tools list. We’re hoping they come back on.

If you have great tools we should know about please tell us about them. Also if you have a good or unfavorable experience with any we have reviewed please let us know.

Whatever your choice of tools, keep it simple. Determine what you really need then experiment with the trial period before getting on board. Don’t really want to DIY? Then call us at 954-257-7066 and see how seamlessly we work with you and your staff.

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