Is your company still using marketing messages you created ten years ago? Those messages took the form of reports, brochures, direct mail and even advertising. Those traditional marketing materials are considered assets which just need to be reformulated or repurposed using 21st-century marketing solutions and delivery platforms.

1) Repurposing /Audit Marketing Assets
A 21st-century marketing direction is needed to effectively address today’s buyers. The focus of today’s marketing should revolve around providing solutions to consumer pain points. These solutions should consist of useful information presented in an engaging manner that buyers will keep and share. A companies expertise should be evident without tooting their own horn. Today’s consumer just doesn’t care how great you think you are. They just want to know what you can do for them.

This “solutions-first” marketing direction has evolved to address today’s new buyer path to purchase. The “traditional marketing materials” we created ten years ago are valuable assets which just need to be reformulated or repurposed to become 21st-century marketing solutions.

We help companies make this transition quickly because we have been part of the evolution from outbound print & media marketing to inbound digital internet marketing.

The reformulation process starts with an audit of all the print marketing materials a company has produced and used over many years. Cataloging the materials will not only make the reformulation efficient it will also turn up potential inconsistencies in branding over the years. A marketing audit is best performed by a third party like us who can bring fresh eyes that are impartial.

Content Marketing repurposing old assets infographic

2) Repurpose your old Flash animations
As you know, Flash is not viewable on some devices. Although there are new ways to create inviting, informative animations you don’t want to throw away your pre-2012 flash assets. Over the years we used Flash in our work so salvaging that creative has great green content value as long as the message is relevant to today’s consumer.  Some software applications are available to convert Flash files to mov or mp4 file format. These video formats can be easily edited to use smaller portions in social posts or blogs. Before spending money on software try Google Swiffy.

3) Marketing assets need to be customized for each separate social platform.

  • Use Brief Summaries on Twitter
  • Be Conversational on Facebook
  • Invite Professional Discussion on LinkedIn
  • Share Strong Images on Google+
  • Include Hashtags on Instagram

Caught in the crunch of repurposing old marketing assets? Not sure how to change the words or images to be customer centric? Imagine, Inc. has helped many companies with these issues. We know how to transition from the ‘outbound’ marketing of the 20th century into ‘inbound’ marketing of the 21st century because we’ve been there and did it ourselves.  Call us at 954.257.7066 and we will guide you through the process or just do it for you.

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