We all need a calendar to stay on track with family and work. Well, productive blogging is no different. Your blog calendar will keep you organized, track your keywords and Calls0-To-Action and all around help you develop your content on time and target. Good writing may always be a challenge, but if you follow these guidelines, there is a better chance you will build your audience and turn prospects into customers.

  • Topics need to target the right readers with useful information they want and need.
  • Optimize each post with the right keywords. Read our Quick Guide to Using Keywords.
  • End each post with a Call To Action. If you are not sure about CTA’s see how they are an important part of lead generation.

Include a visual in each post. We will provide a  List of Free Image Resources soon.

Remember there are three types of content for posting, create, curate and aggregate.

  • Aggregate is sending your audience to resources or news without adding your point of view. A useful example of aggregating is sharing industry news.
  • Curate – Links to a resource with your comments about why you think the resource would be valuable to your audience.
  • Create – should be original content. True, there is nothing original in the world (that is one of my favorite topics I will cover soon), but you probably were inspired by something you read somewhere, so be sure to run your copy through Copyscape or even better Grammarly. Grammarly checks for grammar and can scan the internet universe to determine if your content is original. If it is not original Grammarly informs you where the text is used. While curating lightens your writing load it also shows your audience how well informed you are.

Learn more about content marketing ethics on our website.

Here is an outline for creating your calendar.

  1. Start with a list of relevant categories. If you are a psychologist they might include; depression, anger, loss, relationship issues, etc. If you are an immigration attorney your categories might include; green cards, roads to citizenship, deportation defense, immigration waivers, etc.
  2. Under each category your calendar will have space for:
  3. Topic/Title
    As ideas for topics come to mind, jot them down. Give them a title knowing you can come back later to explore other titles.
  4. Content/Details
    Just quick notes about the body content connecting to the title. Be sure the content for each post is unique and valuable information.
  5. Keywords
    What are the key phrases people use to search for your expertise? These are the keywords to Integrate into these posts. Don’t stuff too many keywords in, just let them fall naturally.
  6. Target Persona
    Many businesses make the mistake of writing content for the sake of putting lots out there. Every post should be something that your ideal persona will want to read. Your expertise will shine through when you provide information they want and need.
  7. Call To Action (CTA)
    Why are you blogging? Probably because you hope to generate leads by sharing your expertise. An offer is a prime vehicle for generating leads and the CTA nudges your reader to take your offer. Read our post about how to create a call-to-action. Every blog post should include an offer with a CTA.
  8. Author
    This space is useful for assigning posts to members of your team or guest writers.
  9. Due Date & Publish Date
    Nothing happens without deadlines.
  10. Distribution
    Do you know where your prospects hang out? If you are not sure, read my post about Social Listening. Then use an automated distribution service to streamline scheduling on the platforms your post will be shared on.
    Two scheduling automation services are Social Report and CoSchedule. A marketing automation service like HubSpot will include scheduling in their many services.
  11. While this calendar is primarily for your blog, consider expanding it to publishing articles for LinkedIn. Here is a small example of a calendar layout.

Blog Calendar Infographic

Creating a blog calendar can be daunting. You may understand the value of a blog, but writing articles for a blog may not be your core business. That’s where Imagine, Inc. comes in. Our team of writers and designers can either guide you through the process of blogging, create a calendar for you and train your staff to execute it, or we can just do it for you.

Call us at 954.257.7066 to add a blog to your marketing mix.

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