Welcome to a cure for the dreaded writer’s block.

Yes, most of us have been there. If you’re a blogger with a publishing calendar, at least you have plenty of topics to keep you on track. But if writing is not your first calling you may be struggling just to write well. This if often the scenario for people who are reinventing themselves for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time and discover writing is a critical part of their branding.

Although writing tag lines and concepts have always been part of my marketing output, I’ve always been a visual/concept person, and I passed on the nuts & bolts of wordsmithing to my talented copywriters. I still do that, but now the world of digital networking demands I create a steady flow of writing for my blog posts and social media participation. Along with writing for those communication channels, I create scripts for my videos and write ebooks for sharing information and, of course, lead generation.

Business blogging book image.I imagine some if not many of you have a similar experience. Maybe you were part of a marketing department and now find you are the whole marketing department.

Well, I can’t teach you how to write great copy, but I can share someone who I believe can. This writer/teacher is Henneke Duistermaat. I learned about her work from a thought leader in my industry who sang praises about her ebook “Blog To Win Business.” The cover itself sold me then her writing and teaching techniques had me hooked (no pun intended). Even the name of her company, Enchanting Marketing, speaks volumes.

Henneke offers a free writing course of 16 ultra-short emails with easy-to-implement tips.

The illustration below is a recent Henneke blog post. Yes, the illustrations are hers and the posts are sprinkled with them. You’ll note, Henneke gives viewers permission to share it. Very enticing isn’t it?

12 Unusual Productivity Hacks: How to Write Faster

12 Unusual Productivity Hacks: How to Write Faster, courtesy of Henneke at Enchanting Marketing

A recent Henneke post tackled how to write a business manifesto. You’re sure to find many useful topics on Enchanted Marketing. Some posts are even inspirational, and Henneke’s emails are one of the few I look forward to.

Even if you write well Henneke’s style is worth reading. Check out her blog and her book. Then when you’re ready to get your business blog off the ground we would love to put you in the right direction with our step by step business blog training. Imagine, Inc. helps companies create blog marketing strategies and publishing calendars or we can just do it all for you. To add a business blog to your marketing mix call us at 954-257-7066.

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