Do you have the skills and talent to compete in this year’s marketplace? Will your skills prepare you for next year as well?

Notice I did not say the 21st Century or even this decade. Every day brings changes in all business environments. But there is probably one element (I might have missed others, please let me know) consistently required for businesses and individuals to flourish. That’s the skill of copy writing.

Very few of us were born writers. Some of us, like myself, found success focusing on the visual, conceptual realm. To survive the continually shifting landscape of digital marketing, we have all become writers, designers, photographers, videographers, and more. Wearing many hats is a necessity for marketing teams as well as solopreneurs.

In my quest for becoming a better writer, I discovered guidance from such talented writer/teachers as Henneke Duistermaat whose blog writing insights I shared recently.

I know some companies don’t have the time or interest in writing for their blogs and would just want to outsource writers for their team. Of course, Henneke’s talented services are available to you, but if you want to explore other blog writing services consider custom-writing.

To introduce custom-writing services, here is their helpful writing infographic. This infographic should be useful to all blog writers. You never know where you will find insights and inspiration.

If you are struggling with creating your blog content call us at 954-257-7066. Imagine, Inc. helps companies create blog marketing strategies and publishing calendars or we can just do it all for you.

writing infographic

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