As a designer, I pride myself on being egoless. That frame of mind is not a result of spiritual enlightenment; it is a result of been-there-done-that experience. Engaging my client’s target market is my marketing priority. Close behind is the objective of designing a website or blog that reflects my client’s taste. Their website needs to represent them, not my great talent. Hopefully, my ability shows through when I accomplish my marketing objectives.

So recently, I was shocked when a client said: “that’s not what I asked for.”
Ouch, I had become a wayward designer.

Merriam Websters’ description of wayward seemed a bit extreme, “characterized by extreme willfulness and by a determination to follow one’s own capricious, wanton, or depraved inclinations to the point of being ungovernable.” In my client’s mind, it seemed that I was guilty.

Upon reflection, I realized I was guilty of thinking I should build a very creative website design because my client’s work was innovative. Well, the opposite should have been the case. From my client’s perspective, my engaging design distracted visitors from her brilliant work. She was right.

Maybe I just went too far, but my original design serves as a display of what can be engaging, fun stuff, so I just couldn’t throw it away. I use it as a design sample, and I designed a website my client is proud of. The experience served as a lesson in communication. I now question if what I’m hearing is influenced by what I want to hear. I bet that problem might be part of many conversations.

Visit my first design, then check out the website design that pleased my client. While you’re there, enjoy her beautiful floral arrangements.

If you happen to know a company that wants engaging content, please send them my way. Engaging content doesn’t need to be a crazy design. Still, it does need to communicate your solutions to the needs of your target audience.

I build websites and blogs that convert prospects into customers. Let’s have a conversation about how I can help your internet marketing. For quick action, call me at 954.257.7066 or text me with a convenient time I can call you.

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