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#1: See Visitors’ Activity On Your Site With Lucky Orange

Tracking marketing results is a must for you and will supply credible data for your reports. Tracking is also the only way to know what is working or not. You can always use free Google Analytics, but it can be cumbersome and time-consuming to track and interpret results. For only $10 a month the wonders of technology will do it faster and smarter.

Knowing what website visitors are doing on your pages will help you test and cater to their needs with content solutions and layout. Lucky Orange uses heat map data and DVR recordings of each visitor which will reveal why they are not converting.

Lucky Orange supplies details of your visitor in real time. The report includes pages they’re visiting, where they were on your site, how long they stayed.

The Lucky Orange technology includes a Heat Map that shows the direction visitor’s eyes move on the page, the page areas visitors are clicking on as well as their location and if they are on mobile.

#2: Reduce the File Size of Your Images with Smushit

If your page loads too slow, you will lose a visitor along with Google points. Part of your page rank is influenced by the load time so reducing the size of your images where possible is important. Optimizing images can be time-consuming with inconsistent results. Smushit is an image optimization tool that squeezes every last byte out of your image – while keeping the image quality. It provides a zip file.

#4: Find the Availability of Your Name on Social Platforms

Of course, you want a social account with your company name, but the research process for availability is time-consuming. That exercise would require going through the whole registration process on each social platform. Use KnowEm which will search more than 550 social platforms to see if your name is available.

#5: Audit Your Competiton on Twitter With Twitonomy

Twitonomy offers more analytics tools then you can imagine. They can provide a visual analytics of competitor tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, and hashtags.
• See insights on the people you follow and those who follow you
• Export everything to Excel or PDF with one click
• Research and export Analytics on any keywords, #hashtags, URL or @users
Analyze the performance and type of content your competitor sends. See what’s shared into your distribution and create more similar content.

#6: Encourage More Tweeting with a ClickToTweet plugin
To encourage people to tweet content within your posts, consider using ClickToTweet.
Plugins are available for WordPress, Facebook and more. Socialmediaexaminer reviews 5 of them.

#7: Identify Blogs in Your Niche With Inkybee

Find inspiration about your target audience and opportunities for guest blogging with Inkybee. Inkybee explores your niche to find the most relevant blogs. Use the data to target these blogs for a digital outreach campaign. Inkybee’s algorithm will determine relevance by counting the number of times the keywords you specify appear in the blog’s posts.

#8: Fix Broken Links on Your Site and Blog
Broken links to external or internal pages turn off visitors and deter site indexing. Either way, they create a bad impression of your website and your company.

While there are many plugins available for that chore, Broken Link Checker is a quick & free tool that searches your site and reports any broken links.

#9: Measure ROI for Your Content With SqueezeCMM

SqueezeCMM tracks links shared across social media across social channels and even emails.  Create custom links on SqueezeCMM to use in one pass for a variety of channels. The  SqueezeCMM Content Engine classifies your content assets so that you can see context and insights. What a great measurement and reporting tool.

#10: Check Your Domain/Page Rank
A high domain authority and page authority helps your blog posts appear higher in search results. The overall rating of the website is called the domain authority and the the rank for any particular page is page authority.

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